The Moving Checklist

The Moving Checklist

Before you open up that new chapter in our life, you need to take some time to organize and prioritize. Take a look at the content below to get a feel for what it is you need to do to keep yourself in check.

Eight Weeks Left

Start sorting through your items. Do one room per day so you aren’t stressing yourself out. Sort through everything by separating what you have to bring with you and what you can give away. You do not need to pack anything yet but make sure you bag up what you are giving away so you don’t get confused.

If you have kids, have them go through their rooms for about five minutes and pick out the most important items that they want to bring with them to the new house. Have them keep a separate suitcase for these items. This way the kids will feel more comfortable knowing that they have a piece of home in their hands the whole time.

Organize any records that will need to be transferred to the new location. This includes your mail, school records and anything else you know will need updating.

Decide how you will be using your moving company. Do you need the whole package (crew, driver and truck), half package (driver and truck) or do you just need to rent a moving truck?

Moving truck rental is a great way to go if you are dealing with a budget.

One Month Left

Start packing! Again, do this one room at a time. Make sure you label your boxes (fragile, toys, linens, etc.) so you know exactly what is in them. Also make sure to label what room the boxes are from so when you’re unloading you can put everything in its proper room.

Confirm any arrangements with your moving company or your agent.

One week left

Do a tune up on your car. Make sure everything is in order one last time before you leave.

If you have to move to a new bank, make sure you stop by and clear out your safe deposit box!

Try to have packing done a few days before the moving day. Pack up your own suitcases and personal items that you will be taking with you in your own car. This is usually simple clothing and valuables.

Moving Day

Double check the details with your moving company before they arrive.

Take one last walk through the rooms in your house to make sure nothing was left behind.

Pack up the truck and get going!

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